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My RL name is Matthias Sebulke, b. 1971, a resident of Munich.

I'm a student of the worlds, a seeker of knowledge and a lover of learning with super multiple interests including history, science, transport, music, military, law enforcement, religion, arts, magic and geography (Europe, SE Asia, Pacific Northwest).

Since August 2005, I'm working w/ WP:WSS (Stub sorting). I plan to do more work in this edition, although English is not my mother tongue. So far, I have done 2,046 + edits here.

Remember: The most dangerous phrase in the language is, "We've always done it this way." — VADM Grace Hopper



in alphabetical order
  1. Balamand Monastery, a monastery in Lebanon (2006).
  2. Beagle conflict, a conflict between Chile and Argentinia in 1978 (2005).
  3. Carson, Washington, a village in the state of Washington (2005).
  4. Rollo Gebhard, a sailor (2005).
  5. Dukedom of New Sealand, a micronation (2005).
  6. Hallberg-Rassy, a shipyard for yachts (2005).
  7. Herrmannstadt, disamb (2005)
  8. Hofbräu-Festzelt, a beer tent at the Munich Oktoberfest (2005).
  9. Hofbräukeller, a Bavarian restaurant in Munich, Germany (2005).
  10. Hongi, a greeting in New Zealand (2005).
  11. Integrated Deepwater System, a subdivision of the USCG (2005).
  12. Khlong Saen Saeb, a channel in central Thailand (2006).
  13. Lao Brewery Company, a company in Laos (2005).
  14. Loubier, disamb (2005)
  15. National Vessel Movement Center, a subsiduary of the United States Coast Guard (2005).
  16. Nakhun Yai, a village in Thailand (2005).
  17. Paro Airport, an airport in Bhutan (2005).
  18. Edmundo Ros, a singer (2005).
  19. Patrick M. Stillman, RADM, USCG (2005).
  20. Phu Phek, a temple ruin (2006).
  21. Tahitian Noni, a brand (2005).
  22. Terry D. Scott, MCPON (2005).
  23. Tessin - disamb. (2005) - a work related to the WP:MEA.
  24. Virtualtourist, a travel related website (2005) (my VT acct.).
  25. Frank A. Welch, MCPOCG (2005).
  26. Worpswede, a city in Lower Saxony, Germany (2005).
My current wikimood.
My current wikimood.


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Partial view of the Mandelbrot set (step 14 of a zoom sequence).
Partial view of the Mandelbrot set (step 14 of a zoom sequence).


I have added a min. of 60 image data including Image:Photobucket.Banner.jpg, Image:Tahitian Noni.bottle.gif, and Image:Thai domestic passenger ticket.jpg. I move a lot of data towards Wikimedia Commons.



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<div font-size:1.38em;">[[Image:Schellen1.gif|20px]]  '''My RL name is [ Matthias Sebulke], b. [[1971]], a resident of [[Munich]].'''  [[Image:Schellen1.gif|20px]]</center>
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I'm a [[student]] of the [[world]]s, a seeker of [[knowledge]] and a lover of learning with super multiple [[interests]] including [[history]], [[science]], [[transport]], [[music]], [[military]], [[law enforcement]], [[religion]], [[arts]], [[magic]] and [[geography]] <small>([[Europe]], [[Southeast Asia|SE Asia]], [[Pacific Northwest]])</small>.
Since August [[2005]], I'm working w/ [[Wikipedia:WikiProject_Stub_sorting|WP:WSS (Stub sorting)]]. I plan to do more work in this edition, although English is not my mother tongue. So far, I have done 2,046 + edits here.
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[[Image:Pharos of Alexandria.jpg|right|250px|thumb|<small><center>[[Lighthouse of Alexandria]].</small></center>]]
Remember: ''The most dangerous phrase in the language is, "We've always done it this way."'' — VADM [[Grace Hopper]]
==Contributions ==
 in alphabetical order
::#[[Balamand Monastery]], a monastery in Lebanon (2006).
::#[[Beagle conflict]], a conflict between Chile and Argentinia in 1978 (2005).
::#[[Carson, Washington]], a [[village]] in the state of [[Washington]] (2005).
::#[[Rollo Gebhard]], a sailor (2005).
::#<s>[[Dukedom of New Sealand]], a micronation (2005)</s>.
::#[[Hallberg-Rassy]], a shipyard for yachts (2005).
::#[[Herrmannstadt]], disamb (2005)
::#[[Hofbräu-Festzelt]], a [[beer tent]] at the [[Munich]] [[Oktoberfest]] (2005).
::#[[Hofbräukeller]], a Bavarian restaurant in [[Munich]], Germany (2005).
::#[[Hongi]], a greeting in New Zealand (2005).
::#[[Integrated Deepwater System]], a subdivision of the [[USCG]] (2005).
::#[[Khlong Saen Saeb]], a channel in central Thailand (2006).
::#[[Lao Brewery Company]], a company in Laos (2005).
::#[[Loubier]], disamb (2005)
::#[[National Vessel Movement Center]], a subsiduary of the [[United States Coast Guard]] (2005).
::#[[Nakhun Yai]], a village in Thailand (2005).
::#[[Paro Airport]], an airport in Bhutan (2005).
::#[[Edmundo Ros]], a singer (2005).
::#[[Patrick M. Stillman]], [[RADM]], [[USCG]] (2005).
::#[[Phu Phek]], a temple ruin (2006).
::#[[Tahitian Noni]], a brand (2005).
::#[[Terry D. Scott]], [[MCPON]] (2005).
::#[[Tessin]] - disamb. (2005) - a work related to the [[WP:MEA]].
::#[[Virtualtourist]], a travel related website (2005) ([ my VT acct.]).
::#[[Frank A. Welch]], [[Master Chief Petty Officer|MCPO]][[United States Coast Guard|CG]] (2005).
::#[[Worpswede]], a city in Lower Saxony, Germany (2005).
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:##[[:Category:Expert Wikipedians]]
[[Image:Mandel zoom 14 satellite julia island.jpg|right|200px|thumb|<small>Partial view of the [[Mandelbrot set]] (step 14 of a zoom sequence).</small>]]
:I have added a min. of 60 image data including [[:Image:Photobucket.Banner.jpg]], [[:Image:Tahitian Noni.bottle.gif]], and [[:Image:Thai domestic passenger ticket.jpg]]. I move a lot of data towards [[Wikimedia Commons]].
:*[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles|WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles]]
:*[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting|WikiProject Stub sorting]]
:*[[m:Wikipedia_Embassy|German Embassy]]
[[Image:Papessa tiara.jpg|right|200px|thumb|<small>[[Whore of Babylon]].</small>]]
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:*[ Wikipedia\German] - [ Matt1971] [ <small>(No. of edits: 19,487+)</small>]
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