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by matseb - last update: Dec 8, 2004

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Flying as passenger (preparation)

by matseb - last update: Dec 29, 2004

~~~ on board packing list (have this present) ~~~

1 documents (also xeroxed and put in another bag)
1-1 passport(s)
1-1-2 ticket(s) and boarding pass(es)
1-1-3 Route plan
1-1-4 FFP membership card (lounge access, priority luggage handling, priority on waiting list and extra luggage privileges)
2 untensils
2-1 stabile case for glasses (while sleeping)
2-2 ear plugs in a case
2-3 tranquil eyes (mostly provided by the airline)
2-4 inflatable neck cushion
2-5 nasal mucous membrane moisterer (Pinimenthol)
2-6 refreshing moisturized towels
2-7 small torch (look onto the floor, inside a bag and on the seat)
2-8 dental care utilites
2-9 cable holder (e.g.cable clamp)
2-10 shoehorns
2-11 anti-embolism equipment (DVT prevention): socks and maybe inflatable feet exercise cushion

list of national and international airlines

goto here

and look up the key word

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our home in Thailand \ outside

by matseb - last update: Dec 3, 2004

drive way at the end of the village

view through the forest


left side

right side

back side

at night


2005-08-23 Matthias Sebulke